How to Make a Water Gun Alarm Clock

Having a little trouble waking up in the morning? There's nothing like a good soaking to get you going.

You will need

  • Battery Operated Alarm Clock
  • Motorized Water Gun
  • 16 Gauge Wire
  • Wire Stripper
  • Voltage Relay Switch
  • Breadboard Circuit
  • Soldering Equipment

Step 1 Open the clock Open the alarm clock and snip the 2 wires that lead from its circuit board to the speaker.

Step 2 Strip wire Strip the two ends of wire leading from the board, and splice two longer pieces of wire to the ends.

Step 3 Solder Solder these splices to secure the connection.

Step 4 Snip watergun wires Take apart the water gun and snip the two wires leading to the trigger switch.

Step 5 Strip wires Strip the ends of these wires, splice longer wires to each end, and secure the connections with solder.

Step 6 Connect wires Pop the relay switch into the breadboard circuit and connect each pair of wires to opposite sides of the relay.

Step 7 Set alarm Now set the alarm, position the water gun so it’s pointing at your face, and drop off into a nice peaceful sleep.