How to Insulate Your Windows with Plastic

This winter, keep heat in and cold out by sealing your windows with plastic.

You will need

  • A blow-dryer
  • Plastic wrap
  • Double-sided tape
  • Dry-cleaning bags
  • Bubble Wrap

Step 1 Get an insulation kit Go to your local hardware store and get an indoor window insulation kit. It will provide double-sided tape and sheets of shrink-wrap plastic that, when affixed to your windows according to the accompanying instructions, provide a weather seal you can see through.

Step 2 Wash your windows Wash and dry your windows. The plastic wrap won’t cling as well to a dirty surface.

Step 3 Take measurements Measure your window frames, and then measure and cut the plastic to match, leaving a little wiggle room. You can always trim later with an Exacto knife.

Step 4 Tape around the windows Press double-sided tape on the outside edge of the molding. Take care not to stick the tape to the wall.

Step 5 Attach the plastic Firmly attach the edges of the plastic sheet to the tape, smoothing the sheet down as you go. Then run a hot blow-dryer back and forth over the plastic sheet so that the heat shrinks it, forming a tighter seal.

Step 6 Slap on Bubble Wrap For an even easier insulator, try Bubble Wrap: Just mist your windows with water and slap it on; it will stick until you take it off.