How to Make a Decorative Bakery Box (with Hallmark Magazine)

Homemade cookies are a terrific gift. With a simple bakery box and some ribbon, the package will be as pretty as the contents.

You will need

  • A bakery box
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • A pen
  • A hole punch
  • Four 16-inch long pieces of ribbon
  • Two sheets of tissue paper
  • Delicious homemade cookies
  • Wrapping paper

Step 1 Flatten box Open the box, remove the four tabs from the notches on the sides, and flatten.

Step 2 Cut off tabs Cut off the tabs.

Step 3 Mark holes Mark spots for holes on the edge of each flap, spaced evenly apart. Punch the holes.

Step 4 Lace ribbon through Feed one piece of ribbon out through one of the bottom holes and back in through the other. Finish lacing the ribbon like you would a pair of shoes, and tie at the top in a bow.

Step 5 Repeat Repeat on the remaining three corners.

Step 6 Add tissue paper Line the bottom and sides of the box with a sheet or two of tissue paper.

Step 7 Add the cookies Place the cookies in the box. Put the most delicate ones on top.

Step 8 Visit If you can’t decide what kind of cookies to make, visit “”: for loads of yummy recipes that are easy to make.