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How to Cut a Mango

It's irresistibly exotic and lusciously juicy; it's also got that enormous pit that sometimes makes the mango seem like more trouble than it's worth. Tame this tropical teaser with a few well-placed cuts.


  • Step 1: Place mango Set the mango on a stable cutting board with the stem pointing up and the flatter sides facing left and right.
  • TIP: For even greater stability, slice off a thin plane from the bottom of the mango to create a flat surface on which it can rest.
  • Step 2: With your paring knife, make a cut that’s slightly off center from the stem to find the large center pit. Once you have located it, slice lengthwise all the way down the fruit alongside the pit.
  • Step 3: Place cut section aside Place the cut section aside.
  • Step 4: Cut mango lengthwise In the same manner, cut the mango flesh lengthwise along the other side of the pit.
  • TIP: You can discard the remaining flesh and pit--or gnaw on it to prime your taste buds for what's to come.
  • Step 5: Make vertical cuts Take one section of the cut mango, hold it in your palm with the peel side down, and make three or four vertical cuts through the flesh, being careful not to cut through the skin.
  • Step 6: Make horizontal cuts Rotate the mango 90 degrees and make four or five horizontal cuts that crisscross the vertical cuts.
  • Step 7: Repeat on other half Repeat on the other mango half. You should now have two scored mango halves.
  • Step 8: Cut cubes away Flip a scored mango half inside out, so the fruit resembles a mango porcupine, and with the paring knife, cleanly cut the cubes away from the peel and into your bowl.
  • Step 9: Repeat w/ other half Repeat with the other half.
  • Step 10: Discard peels & enjoy Discard the peels and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • FACT: Color doesn't matter. If you want a great mango, choose one with smooth, unblemished skin and a heavy feel. Mangos are often unripe when picked but will soften (and sweeten) on your counter.

You Will Need

  • A mango
  • A cutting board
  • A paring knife
  • And a bowl

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