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How To Ace a Singing Audition

You can ace a singing audition if you pay attention and stay calm.


  • Step 1: Accept it if the panel cuts you off. They have seen what they needed to. Know you did your best.
  • TIP: Pay attention to your instincts.
  • Step 2: Move on and get ready for the next audition. You will need to get a few of these under your belt to get good at it, so develop a workaday attitude about improving every time.
  • FACT: Actress Keira Knightley got drunk to audition for My Fair Lady.
  • Step 3: Perform as if you were on stage and not auditioning or rehearsing. Sell it, and be polished.
  • Step 4: Act natural – smile and greet the panel upon entering. Give eye contact, and make your song intimate and exciting.
  • Step 5: Select songs to sing within your vocal range and ability. How you sing will be more important than what you sing.
  • Step 6: Prepare by marking each part of the song, noting where to breathe and when to showcase your vocal expressions. Rehearse until every aspect is tight, controlled, and comfortable.
  • TIP: Remember to rest your nerves and your voice. Stress will negatively affect your performance.
  • Step 7: Warm up your voice while waiting to avoid cracking or losing control. Do trills and scales to limber up without overdoing it and straining anything.
  • Step 8: Find out what the audition panel is looking for and prepare songs accordingly. Bring background music and sheet music just in case.

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