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How to Achieve Business Goals

Feel your attention wandering at work? Having specific business goals can help keep you on track, motivated, and focused on your objective, which is the key to success.


  • Step 1: Build some lag time into your schedule to account for unforeseeable events that may cause delays, especially if some of the tasks require the involvement of others. Having an extra week built in to your schedule will make your life much easier when those inevitable problems crop up.
  • FACT: A 2010 survey by Palo Alto Software found that entrepreneurs with business plans had nearly twice as much success in achieving funding and growing their business as those who had no plan.
  • TIP: Make sure your deadlines are realistic. Missed deadlines may result in a feeling of failure, not to mention lost time and money.
  • Step 2: Track your progress. Enter the end date of each objective on a calendar. Then, estimate the time and resources needed to complete each of the associated tasks and enter their start and end dates into the calendar.
  • Step 3: Create a list of tasks, or action steps, under each objective that will help you reach it. For example, if your goal is to start a business, one of your objectives might be to create a business plan in the next two months. Parse each task involved in this objective and tackle them one by one, such as writing your mission statement one week and determining market potential the next.
  • Step 4: Make a daily to-do list to help keep you on track toward each task. Look at it at the beginning of each business day to help keep you organized and on point.
  • Step 5: Write down your goals. First, decide on your ultimate goal, then decide on the strategies, or objectives, that will get you there. These business objectives should be specific, have set time frames, and be achievable.

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