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How to Achieve Excellence at Work

It's easy to go through the motions at work. Invest more and achieve excellence through a few basic changes that will generate some excitement for you and build teamwork in the company.


  • Step 1: Demonstrate classy appreciation for the help colleagues extend. Be a genuine workplace friend and enthusiastic fan of good behavior and focused effort.
  • TIP: Your willingness to learn and improve constantly can positively affect the team.
  • Step 2: Be intelligent -- work smart, with no extra steps. Get more done with less effort and less time and teach others the same sound practices. Your coworkers -- and employers -- will appreciate it.
  • FACT: By 2009, women held 13.5 percent of executive positions at Fortune 500 companies.
  • Step 3: Lobby for fair pay. Too many employees who do the bare minimum earning the same pay, credit, and bonuses as a those who go over and above will eventually create low morale and poor productivity.
  • Step 4: Set long-term goals based on short-term goals, all emanating from measurable accomplishments on a daily basis.
  • Step 5: Insist on and help construct a clear and concise plan for the organization's competitive excellence. Project a course for years to come that everyone can team up to achieve.
  • Step 6: Stay busy and offer to help during slow periods. There's always something to be done. Be visible and indispensable.
  • Step 7: Put some urgency into your work and be responsive to others. Get as much training and development as possible.
  • TIP: No matter what, have fun -- make work a passion.
  • Step 8: Challenge yourself to learn all you can about the core business and the company's goals. Within your job description, set the bar high and find ways to achieve those goals.

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