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How to Achieve Immortality

Think death is inevitable? Follow some of these theories to achieve immortality.


  • Step 1: Accomplish something worthy of being eternally memorialized, and ensure your legacy lives on long after you're gone.
  • FACT: The jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula can revert to a sexually immature state after reaching adulthood, making it, potentially, immortal.
  • TIP: Be careful: creating post-humans may lead to a developmental singularity that results in the end of human civilization.
  • Step 2: Use technology to achieve immortality. Study robotics and computers; then, develop a system to upload the information in your brain to an inorganic being that's immune to the ravages of disease or age.
  • Step 3: Recognize that happiness is fleeting and that desire leads to suffering. Then, meditate to help achieve enlightenment, when many Eastern religions believe your soul enters a state of deathlessness.
  • Step 4: Find a mystical source of immortality. Set off on a quest to locate the Fountain of Youth, a spring of water that individuals throughout history have believed can help those who find it achieve eternal life.
  • Step 5: Prepare your body to resist disease, aging, and traumatic injuries. Eat a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables rich in cell-protecting antioxidants, and get plenty of exercise.

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