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How to Achieve Inner Peace

It may be a challenge, but inner peace is achievable despite the hustle and bustle of your fast-paced life.


  • TIP: Turn off your electronics to experience quiet.
  • Step 1: Practice taking responsibility for your actions, considering the consequences before you act.
  • Step 2: Relax. If all else fails, curl up on the couch with a good book and your favorite comfort foods. Being kind to yourself can go a long way in helping you to attain inner peace.
  • FACT: Tibetan monks create impermanent mandala sand paintings as a form of meditation, with the goal of peace and healing.
  • Step 3: Meditate to better understand how you create patterns of stress, how you can alleviate it, and how to achieve a calm state.
  • TIP: Organize communal meals with people you love.
  • Step 4: Commit to taking positive measures aligned with your goal for inner peace. Apply patience, persistence, sensitivity, and creativity.
  • Step 5: Replace unproductive mental qualities, which undermine your goals, with qualities such as gratitude, patience, contentment, and kindness. A positive outlook supports your goal.
  • TIP: Record positive things that happen each day in a gratitude journal.
  • Step 6: Take care of your body, mind, and soul through a healthy diet, exercise, and loving relationships. Self-care helps to create an environment where inner peace and happiness can flourish.
  • Step 7: Take time to define what inner peace means to you, whether it involves a deep religious experience or a calm mind. Some religious traditions embrace all-night dancing, moving meditation, or the use of recreational substances. Set a personal goal to reflect your definition.

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