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How to Achieve Inner Peace in a Big City

It's easy to be overwhelmed or feel lonely and invisible in a big city. Achieve inner peace by carving out your own space amid the hustle and bustle.


  • TIP: Genuine faith in a higher power brings peace no matter where a person lives.
  • Step 1: Stop complaining and practice unconditional gratitude. Start by spreading the contagion of smiles. The more you do, the less the city mob seems threatening, and the more in control of your happiness you become.
  • FACT: A bronze plaque in New York City's Central Park near where John Lennon was killed identifies over 120 countries that planted flowers and donated money for the maintenance of his Strawberry Fields, the memorial endorsed as a Garden of Peace.
  • Step 2: Run, cycle, exercise, walk, or be involved in another activity that improves your outlook, increases endorphins, and promises a measure of general well-being. Yoga and meditation compliment your journey toward balance.
  • Step 3: Spend less time with friends or anyone whose drama only stirs anxiety and stick with those trying to find some peace. Find an oasis of friendship and support in the middle of the big city.
  • Step 4: Recharge by designating breaks during the day to take a time out and read, think, or people-watch. Unplug from your devices and give yourself a moment to get centered.
  • Step 5: Catch yourself when you're chasing the next thrill or fad. Are you just trying to keep up, or are your really interested in the latest thing? Stay in and turn your attention inward, or on plants, pets, music, children -- any tangible contact with the things you love and nurture.
  • Step 6: Meditate for a few minutes every day before entering the crazy pace of the big city. Let your attention fall on the soothing patterns of your own breathing.

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