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How to Achieve Peace through Nonviolence

Become a champion of love and harmony by committing yourself to grow peace through nonviolence and build a better world.


  • Step 1: Promote diplomacy and mediation as means for resolving conflicts between the oppressed and oppressors. Practice your own diplomatic skills to convince others of your position.
  • Step 2: Advocate social justice, fair economic systems, democratic principles, understanding, respect, and tolerance between peoples. Now empowered with nonviolent methods and humanitarian approaches, you are a part of the peaceful solution to humanity's ills.
  • FACT: Wars and conflicts took the lives of 231 million people during the 20th century.
  • Step 3: Oppose cultural violence and media violence through participation in boycotts, and local, state, and national campaigns.
  • Step 4: Resist injustice through nonviolent demonstrations. Find marches and boycotts to join. Start a public fast, support a labor strike, perform in street theater, and create peaceful acts of civil disobedience.
  • TIP: Demonstrate peaceful acts of kindness daily.
  • Step 5: Foster peace education to promote the values, attitudes, and behaviors of nonviolence, conflict resolution, dialogue, and consensus building.
  • TIP: Tailor education and awareness messages to your target audience.
  • Step 6: Begin the process to achieve peace through nonviolence by first developing inner peace using meditation, prayer, and mindfulness.

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