How to Achieve Quality Assurance

Genuinely committing to quality will take the focus of everyone who works for your company. Achieve quality assurance by managing every detail.


  • Step 1: Set higher achievement targets for better results. Scrutinize all reasons, objectives, and techniques for determining performance levels and setting even higher goals.
  • TIP: Hire outside consultants periodically for objective advice as you progress.
  • Step 2: Stock your steering committee with key experienced and objective professionals to guide and challenge the process. To achieve quality assurance, you'll need everyone on board.
  • FACT: The ISO organization was formed in 1946, by delegates from 25 countries "to facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards.
  • Step 3: Compare and contrast your processes with established methods practiced by companies worldwide. Benchmark every possible aspect of your program to optimize it.
  • Step 4: Identify the causes of problems and include prevention as a part of corrective action planning.
  • Step 5: Train and qualify your personnel to develop a reliable quality assurance expectation everywhere in the organization. Create guidance for them through uniform and detailed questions and answers at all levels.
  • Step 6: Focus on an environment of continual study that reflects a quality-oriented culture, based on national as well as international standards.
  • Step 7: Put in place internal and external auditors, as well as peer review steps, to enhance overall product quality. Communicate with one another as a team to pick apart and refine each detail in the production process, constantly driving for excellence.
  • TIP: The managers themselves have to assess their own management processes.
  • Step 8: Design processes based on sound engineering and scientific principles. Formalize your standards. Review and verify corrections before any implementation.

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