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How to Achieve Results from Your Employees at Work

Employees produce when they feel appreciated and understand their role. Achieve results from them at work by providing clear avenues to excel.


  • TIP: Don't shy away from confrontation by correcting underperformers with playful insults that minimize the issue. That technique can ultimately damage loyalty and productivity.
  • Step 1: Maintain a team focus. Allow the opportunity for all to shine and leverage their talents.
  • Step 2: Offer a performance improvement plan through which you can develop employees. Determine their strengths and decide if they serve your organization. If your employees won't work out in their current position, let them know so they can start looking for a better fit.
  • FACT: The prestigious Deming Prize reflects management guru Edwards Deming's 14 principles for creating workplace trust, pride in quality, genuine staff interaction, and excellence through constant training.
  • Step 3: Offer constructive criticism instead. Speak with under-performing employees privately, rather than embarrassing them in front of others. Create a plan for improvement.
  • Step 4: Model the work ethic, focus, drive, and behaviors you want from employees, leading with clear values and consistent behavior.
  • Step 5: Reward employees for results, not for how visible they are or how much time they put in. The latter risks encouraging a meaningless competition for attention instead of addressing the quality of their work.
  • Step 6: Decentralize the office instead of using a top-down style of management. Hold people accountable for making better use of their time to achieve company objectives. People who work closest to problems know the best solutions.
  • Step 7: Demonstrate fairness and extend flexible options to everyone. Avoid interfering in your employees' personal lives or dictating their personal versus work-life balance.
  • Step 8: Communicate your expectations at work so employees are on the same page to achieve results. Put a formal performance appraisal process in place to reinforce the company goals.

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