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How to Achieve Success as an Athlete

Achieve success as an athlete by being willing to make the sacrifices pay the intense attention to detail that distinguishes the greats from everyone else.


  • TIP: Butterflies and fear are good. Controlling and using your anxiety and temper to raise your performance level may define your edge.
  • Step 1: Develop and practice a consistent work ethic, but make time for rest and recovery. The successful athlete allows periodic breaks as part of their day to preserve their energy for the battle.
  • FACT: Jim Thorpe, named "America's Athlete of the Century," is the only man ever to play 3 professional sports: baseball, football, and basketball.
  • Step 2: Persevere with physical and mental toughness. Confronted with cheating or taunting opponents, be disciplined enough not to retaliate or lose focus.
  • Step 3: Arrive early for practice and perform a preparation routine religiously, setting the standard for others.
  • Step 4: Follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, condition consistently, and maintain a positive attitude. A sense of who you are and a personal mission motivates an athlete to make brutal sacrifices.
  • Step 5: Use mental imagery. Concentrate and focus to ignore discouragement. But don't forget that mental strength without action will accomplish nothing.
  • TIP: It helps to have physical characteristics that suit your sport, like having an exceptional lung capacity for running or being tall for volleyball and basketball.
  • Step 6: Establish realistic goals based on previous performance. Project what you plan to achieve and determine what steps to take each time you raise the bar.

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