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How to Achieve Success as an Entrepreneur

Success can mean a lot of things. Define what you want to achieve as an entrepreneur, using available and proven tactics to sidestep the usual pitfalls.


  • TIP: Stories abound of billionaires and tycoons who were about to quit, but decided to stick with the dream. If you believe in what you're doing and have a plan on how to reach your goal, refuse to quit.
  • Step 1: Reinforce constructive employee efforts. On-the-spot feedback directs and motivates people who need to know what they do means something.
  • Step 2: Cut spending and maintain frugal habits -- don't spend just because you have it. Good luck growing your business.
  • FACT: Richard Branson, who came from humble beginnings, created a business empire of 360 companies, including an airline and the world's first space-tourist service.
  • Step 3: Take risks in order to get an edge. Withdrawing or hesitating can kill a business, but before charging in, do your homework.
  • Step 4: Develop the art of sustaining successful habits. Develop a routine that eliminates wasteful or unproductive steps.
  • Step 5: Educate yourself to be financially literate, rather than merely anxious to achieve fame and success as one of the mega-rich. Grow your money in places that offer potential for dramatic gains, such as real estate.
  • Step 6: Discipline yourself with realistic thinking about the successful behaviors needed to succeed. Admit your mistakes, learn from them, but persist with proven practices until you achieve a positive outcome.
  • Step 7: Plot out each change of direction or course of action, using a fresh and positive perspective. Don't shy away from criticism--constructive criticism will give you fresh ideas.
  • Step 8: Research niche marketing opportunities that are right for you. Build and focus your passion according to the network accesses you discover. First, be sure of your direction and expectations.

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