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How to Achieve Success as an Immigrant

Whether for work, pleasure, or to get a fresh start, you can achieve success as an immigrant wherever you chose to live.


  • TIP: Be careful of credit. Credit cards can create bad spending and saving habits. While they can be helpful in emergencies, don't rely on them for day-to-day living.
  • Step 1: Find a network of friends and activities that make all your hard work in your new country worth while. As much as possible, enjoy your new life -- it's an exciting start to limitless possibilities.
  • FACT: The first immigration wing of the American government was created in 1891 as the Office of Superintendent of Immigration within the Treasury Department.
  • Step 2: Save your money. It is crucial to save, as no job is 100 percent secure.
  • Step 3: Take chances and work hard. You've come to a new country, which is a huge risk. Now that you're here, take as many chances as you can. Remember, though, that with risk-taking comes a lot of work, so be prepared.
  • TIP: While this may be a new beginning, don't forget to use your skills to your advantage in your new country.
  • Step 4: Rely on any family living in your new country and count on family in your old country for support. Don't be afraid to reach out to a distant relative for assistance -- just remember to return the favor when you're able.
  • Step 5: Use the opportunity of immigrating to a new country as a new beginning. Look at your surroundings and opportunities with fresh eyes. You've obtained your right to start over, use it wisely.

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