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How to Achieve World Peace

We give lip service to the idea of peace, but for most of us that comes with conditions. Consider the basic principles and necessary positions to take to achieve a life of peace so that the world catches on.


  • Step 1: Address resource depletion as an obligation of the living to cherish the gift of life on the planet. Do this through moral stewardship of the climate, the soil, and global ecological needs.
  • Step 2: Show compassion for all in the world as an oratorical and continually visible human witness and conscience that means to achieve world peace through example and service. All humankind deserves to be free of fear.
  • FACT: One of the earliest recorded peace treaties was between the Hittite and Egyptian empires around 1280 BCE.
  • Step 3: Aspire to universal altruism, which is essential to solving global problems. Oppose atomic, nuclear, and atomic weapons or bombs in a formal declamation for all life on the planet.
  • TIP: Science and technology are not answers to human suffering, which has only increased with our knowledge.
  • TIP: Self-interest, while it may hold temporary benefits, is the antithesis of personal happiness.
  • Step 4: Respect that religions exist to benefit others for sustained happiness. Religion recognizes no national boundaries, so to embrace your own must not imply the rejection of another religious community.
  • Step 5: Assume our universal responsibility to shape institutions to serve human needs, rather than to destroy. Freedom from want and our spiritual obligation to help others are cornerstones for what it means to be part of humankind.
  • Step 6: Practice your freedom of speech by supporting everyone's right to be heard and to voice opinion. Exhibit a sense of universal responsibility and concern for the world's inhabitants, and equality, irrespective of creed, race, sex, or national origin.

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