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How To Answer the Phone

Create a professional relationship with your caller by properly answering the phone at work.


  • TIP: Be enthusiastic, confident, and attentive to your caller.
  • Step 1: Listen to the caller. Be courteous and make a good impression.
  • Step 2: Talk politely to your caller. Give them respect, be empathetic, and responsive. Say please and thank you when appropriate. You're making an impression not only for yourself, but for your company.
  • FACT: A listener's opinion of you is based 87 percent on your voice.
  • Step 3: Speak professionally in a slow, clear, and welcoming tone.
  • Step 4: Smile when you speak to the caller. Even if it can't be seen, your smile can be heard on the other end of the line.
  • Step 5: Give the caller your full attention. Stop typing, eating, or engaging in other conversations before answering the phone.
  • Step 6: Pick up the phone and greet the caller according to your company procedures. Include your name in the greeting.
  • TIP: If you work for an international company, know whether you are expected to be able to answer the phone in multiple languages.
  • Step 7: Answer the phone call before the third ring.

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