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How To Bathe a Baby Scared Of Water

It is common for babies to be afraid of taking a bath in a water-filled tub. Accept their fear and bathe them without immersing them in water.


  • Step 1: Put a few inches of water in the bathtub to see if they are getting comfortable. If not, do not press them and try again later on.
  • Step 2: Be patient. Your baby will let you know when their fear of a water-filled bathtub has washed away.
  • FACT: Only hands and feet wrinkle in the bathtub because they have the thickest dead keratin cells on the body, which swell as they absorb water.
  • Step 3: Add bubbles and some colorful new bath toys to the tub. Show them how much fun bath time can be!
  • Step 4: Give your baby spongebaths, washing and rinsing them with a damp washcloth.
  • TIP: Do not force the baby into a water-filled tub.
  • Step 5: Play games with your child that include water. Let them play with cups, bowls, and water toys in the empty bathtub or a tub with only little bit of water.
  • Step 6: Play with the baby in a pool. If they are comfortable, let them splash or hold them while jumping and walking around the pool.
  • Step 7: Deal with the fear when it occurs. Talk in a calm, soothing manner, chispering that there is nothing to fear and that the bathtub is safe.

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