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How To Be a Class Clown

Spotlight your winning sense of humor and tell detractors that some of today's top entertainers were class clowns.


  • Step 1: Use witty one-liners in response to questions. Your answer to "What's the speed of light?" might be "I don't know. What's the speed of dark?"
  • TIP: Look up jokes and one-liners online on a variety of topics so you'll be ready when there's opportunity.
  • Step 2: Try out your impersonations of celebrities and foreign accents in class, when appropriate.
  • Step 3: Do a cheesy dance move in class when the teacher is occupied, and sit down quickly before the teacher turns around.
  • TIP: Never laugh at your own jokes. Keeping a straight face will make them funnier.
  • Step 4: Sharpen your pencil while your teacher is lecturing, drop a book loudly onto the floor, or shout a non sequitur. Act surprised if reprimanded and apologize profusely.
  • Step 5: Know the boundaries of your barbs. Your goal is to make people laugh, not hurt others' feelings, bully, or damage property.
  • Step 6: Participate in class. Coming up with actual answers, doing homework, and getting good grades will make your clowning easier for your teacher to tolerate.
  • Step 7: Have confidence and commit to the joke. No matter how ridiculous your antics, this will help you pull it off like a pro.
  • FACT: Laughter raises our pulse and blood pressure, and boosts our heart rate – similar to mild exercise.

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