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How to Be a Sports Stadium Announcer

Public address announcers for sports teams do more than just introduce the players; they set the tone inside the stadium. Check out these tips on how to use your voice to get the game going.


  • Step 1: Engage the crowd with alliterative phrases, lyrical names, and other linguistic nuances. Bring some personal style to your announcing by using a signature line.
  • Step 2: Show respect for visiting teams. You're not a cheerleader -- you're an ambassador for the stadium, your hometown, and the sport itself. Remember: the best announcers keep the focus on the field as they enjoy a special perk -- watching their favorite games for free.
  • FACT: In 2000, the Baseball Hall of Fame added to its collection the microphone of legendary New York Yankees' Public Address announcer, Bob Sheppard.
  • TIP: Stay focused on the game to avoid getting derailed by quick changes on the field.
  • Step 3: Speak as concisely as possible and don't try to entertain the audience -- your job is to announce the players and be the voice of the team, not distract from the game.
  • TIP: Ask the visiting team's play-by-play announcer for help pronouncing difficult names.
  • Step 4: Talk slowly and enunciate carefully to help your words cut through the crowd noise and echo of the stadium's P.A. system.
  • Step 5: Before the game, learn the terms and rules of the sport to ensure you provide the crowd with accurate information. Write down phonetic pronunciations for players' names so you can pronounce them correctly on the fly.

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