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How to Be a Spy

Need to gather clandestine information? Dig into these tips and become an effective mole.


  • TIP: Know at least one method of hand-to-hand combat in case you're in a position where you need to engage your enemy.
  • Step 1: Do your best to conceal any evidence of your presence. Prepare decoy signs if you can't avoid leaving tracks.
  • Step 2: Trust no one. Remember, once you obtain your information, you become the target!
  • FACT: Nathan Hale, charged with spying for the Americans during the Revolutionary War, was executed by the British in 1776. His famous last words were "I only regret I have but one life to lose for my country."
  • Step 3: Practice keeping quiet when you walk and talk to avoid being noticed. Train yourself to be able to withstand adverse conditions, unfamiliar situations, and even torture so you can focus on your agenda without fearing that you'll give yourself away.
  • Step 4: Learn to use and hack digital information systems, where most modern data is stored. Know how to speak a variety of languages, including Arabic, Korean, Farsi, and Chinese, and to read lips so you can follow personal communication and track subjects from afar without arousing suspicion.
  • Step 5: Match your clothing and behavior to your target's world, so you can drift in and out with ease. Don't draw attention to yourself or you risk being discovered.
  • Step 6: Stock up on tools for gathering, saving, and transmitting information, including video and still cameras, listening devices, and mini computers, all of which can be concealed cleverly. Take only what you need; too many gadgets can hinder your ability to move quickly and quietly.
  • TIP: Carry penknife that includes a screwdriver, which can be effective for break-ins and escapes.
  • Step 7: Learn as much as you can about your target before beginning your mission; the better you know your subject, the easier it will be to determine how to fit in and obtain information from them.

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