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How to Be Cheap and Still Get Dates

When people tick off the qualities they're looking for in a partner, "stingy" is rarely on the list. But it's possible to be cheap and still get dates; just employ these strategies.


  • Step 1: Scout unique outings that don't cost much. Call your local tourism bureau for cheap date ideas; they can steer you to lots of free and low-cost entertainment options that will make you seem cool and imaginative rather than stingy.
  • Step 2: Seek out singles who are as frugal as you are; you'll be able to be as cheap as you like and still get dates.
  • FACT: 61 percent of men prefer a frugal woman, finding her "sexy" and "smart," according to a survey.
  • Step 3: Pretend that your reluctance to spend money is based on principles: you're cooking dinner instead of going to a fancy restaurant because spending $30 on a plate of pasta, when some people are starving, is simply obscene! You're foregoing a taxi because walking is better for you and the environment!
  • TIP: Give your art as gifts to save even more money.
  • Step 4: Let potential partners know your spending habits by dropping subtle hints, like mentioning a book you read on smart investing, or talking about how much you love a good bargain.
  • Step 5: Be a starving artist -- or just pretend you are. That way, you can frame your frugality as the price one pays for pursuing a career in the creative arts. Artistic passion can even make you seem more romantic.
  • Step 6: Sell your cheapness as a virtue: talk about how you're putting away money for important goals, like buying a house or having a secure retirement. Your penny-pinching will seem mature and smart rather than petty.

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