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How to Be the Best Bridesmaid

Being a great bridesmaid take a little thoughtfulness and a lot of tact. Hit a home run for your BFF with this bridesmaid etiquette guide.


  • TIP: Help the bride unwind by planning a pampering spa day for the girls before the wedding.
  • Step 1: Stick close to the bride on the wedding day until she releases you to party hardy at the reception. Photographers generally want the bridesmaids to be readily available both before and after the ceremony, so don't wander off and keep people waiting to create those memories.
  • Step 2: Stay after the shindig is done and help collect any items the happy couple will want to retain, such as their gifts, items used during the ceremony, left-over cake, the guest book, and floral arrangements. Then, and only then, you are forever relieved of your duty!
  • FACT: Former first daughter Jenna Bush asked her twin sister Barbara to be her maid of honor for her 2008 wedding in Crawford, Texas.
  • Step 3: Shore up the bride when she's stressed. Brides can feel increasingly anxious as the wedding day approaches. Supply emotional support as needed, and especially on the wedding day. Be positive about any snags you encounter.
  • Step 4: Help throw the bridal shower and bachelorette party the bride has always imagined, complete with all the bells and whistles. Chip in with the other bridesmaids to cover the costs without resentment.
  • Step 5: Attend all pre-wedding events you are invited to, such as the bridesmaids' luncheon and bridal gown fittings.
  • TIP: Pay attention when the seamstress explains how to bustle the bride's gown at the final fitting so you can do the job or serve as backup on the big day.
  • Step 6: Do anything and everything the bride may need a hand with, including addressing invites, tracking who gave what at showers, calling guests who have yet to RSVP, and folding programs.
  • Step 7: Don't complain about the style or color of your dress or how much the wedding is costing you. Promptly order and pay for your dress when the bride requests it, and don't forget to cheerfully acquire her choice of shoes and accessories for you as well.

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