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How to Be the Best Daughter

Moms and daughters should be the best of friends -- but they can be virtual strangers if the relationship goes awry. Repair or rejuvenate your mother-daughter relationship with this advice.


  • Step 1: Offer assistance when you think your mom needs it. Deliver groceries when she is sick, give her a ride when her car is in the shop, and help clean up after dinner.
  • Step 2: Listen when your mom gives you advice, and consider it carefully. Take the advice if you think it is sound -- a move that will surely make mom feel useful and happy! And, remember, moms usually do have your best interests at heart!
  • FACT: As of 2010, approximately 104.7 sons were born for every 100 daughters born in the United States.
  • TIP: Eat meals together -- sharing a meal encourages people to bond.
  • Step 3: Carve out time from your busy schedule for mom. Work, life, and kids get hectic for everyone, but regular times to check in with your mom are essential. Have a weekly or bi-monthly date if you live nearby. Set a time to talk every week if you live far away, and plan several visits a year, if possible.
  • TIP: Remember to give your mom a gift every Mother's Day, even if you can only afford something hand-made, to show her that you care.
  • Step 4: Offer generous amounts of affection to your mother by kissing and hugging her whenever you see her. Mothers get to cuddle their babies all the time, but teenagers rarely want to be held. As an adult, nurture the mother-child bond by creating some physical warmth.
  • Step 5: Let your mom know how you feel with communication that is respectful and honest. Encourage your mom to communicate her feelings so you can better understand her. Let talking bring you together.
  • Step 6: Show your mother that you love and appreciate her by telling her you love her and doing things that please her. After giving birth to and raising a child, a mother's greatest joy is to receive love and admiration from that child's grateful heart.

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