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How to Be the Best Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten is not just fun and games -- it serves as the gateway to a child's academic development. A good kindergarten teacher can effectively engage and motivate an entire classroom.


  • Step 1: Show students a new process, concept, or skill. Explain concepts in an easy-to-understand manner that relates to students' everyday lives. They may not pick up on it right away, but you'll plant a seed of recognition.
  • Step 2: Draw students and parents in with regular communication. Set time aside to speak each student individually, communicating praise and areas of improvement. Schedule regular conferences with parents and send e-mail updates as needed. Enjoy helping young learners grow.
  • FACT: The first kindergarten was founded in Germany in 1837. Like most kindergartens today, it incorporated learning with play time.
  • Step 3: Observe how students are playing. Participate in the activity without dominating or controlling. Encourage shy students to join in, offer your attention, and let students know that what they are doing is worthwhile.
  • TIP: Focus on literacy -- an important kindergarten readiness skill -- by frequently exploring books with students.
  • TIP: Show students the incorrect way of following rules, and then ask them to think of a better way. Ask the students to model the correct method so they quickly learn it.
  • Step 4: Give students ownership of their actions. Create a structured classroom that allows students plenty of freedom of expression, but explain classroom rules early in the school year. Keep it fun but controlled.
  • Step 5: Have the classroom ready to go each morning. Make sure all educational materials are in the correct place. Cut down on confusion by clearly outlining the day's activities.

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