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How To Build a Costume From Things in Your Closet

Need a costume, quick? Turn to your closet. Your old tights, boots, skirts, and underwear are the perfect materials for a homemade costume.


  • Step 1: Accessorize your costume with shoes and hats. Small details, like boots and a hat for a cowboy costume, or a mask and belt for a ninja, turn a good costume into a great costume.
  • FACT: The tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween originated in the Celtic festival of the dead known as Samhain.
  • Step 2: Cut your old clothes to turn shirts and skirts into vests, hoods, sashes, and capes. Shorts and skirts can be cut to look like raggedy pirate shorts.
  • Step 3: Use linens. A white sheet can be turned into a traditional ghost costume by cutting a few holes, but it can also be wrapped around your body to make a toga.
  • TIP: Dress like your favorite TV or movie character by imitating their particular fashion sense.
  • Step 4: Reuse an old dress, robe, or gown. Turn prom or bridesmaid dresses into a harem costume or Miss America costume. Become a geisha by putting on a silk robe, sandals, and wearing chopsticks in your hair.
  • Step 5: Make outfits from regular clothes. Go as a tourist by wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and a camera around your neck. Go as a nerd by wearing clothes a size too small, suspenders, and glasses.

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