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How To Build a Drink Cart Out Of a Trunk

Keep the party rolling with this clever, portable bar that's great for small spaces.


  • TIP: Make sure the edge of the wood box you've inserted lines up under the trunk opening.
  • Step 1: Cut the ½-inch plywood into shelves to fit the width and depth of trunk. Finish the edges with the birch finish strips and then sand and finish all of the wood with polyurethane. Insert the shelves and line them with a cocktail shaker, bar accessories, glasses, and your favorite libations.
  • FACT: The steamer trunk got its name in the 19th century because of the use of the large, shallow, flat-topped trunks in the staterooms aboard steamships.
  • Step 2: Remove the trunk lining and glue the box inside the trunk at the back. Trim the trunk opening with the aluminum corner channel and insert the shelf pins where you drilled the holes.
  • Step 3: Assemble the wood pieces into a box with the 1½-inch brads. Use the 1/8-inch panel as the back. Drill holes where you want shelves.
  • Step 4: Turn the trunk end-up and drill holes for the casters in each of the four bottom corners. Attach the casters.
  • Step 5: Cut the 1/8-inch plywood one inch longer and one inch wider than the opening you cut in the trunk.
  • Step 6: Cut two pieces of the ½-inch plywood the same length as the 1/8-inch plywood and the depth of the inside of the trunk. Cut two pieces equal to the depth of the inside of the trunk and one inch shorter than the width of the panel.
  • Step 7: Measure and mark a line all the way around the trunk face about 2½ inches from the outer edge. Cut out the section using the jigsaw.

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