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How to Buy a Winter Wedding Dress

You'll be sorry if you dress in a strapless chiffon number only to find out the forecast calls for a winter storm. Follow these steps to dress appropriately and keep you warm all over.


  • Step 1: Pick a dress with heavy embroidery. This is an option that is only fashionably acceptable in the winter.
  • Step 2: Wear a floor-length gown. If a mini dress is always what you have dreamed of maybe the winter wedding date is just not for you.
  • FACT: Only 5 percent of weddings in the United States take place in the winter each year.
  • Step 3: Consider wearing a dress with sleeves. Most gowns are designed without sleeves for summer weddings but you can have one designed for you.
  • TIP: Add faux-fur accents to the top of the gloves or around the collar of the jacket.
  • TIP: Add a red satin belt or scarf to a white dress if a red dress is not what you pictured on your wedding day.
  • Step 4: Choose a heavy fabric like thick satin or velvet for the main material of the dress. Hide a couple of layers including a petticoat underneath for warmth.
  • Step 5: Add opera-length gloves to your attire or a jacket that is designed to match your gown. They can be worn when you are outside and taken off when you are indoors and not so cold.
  • Step 6: Consider wearing a red dress instead of a white one. Red dresses are becoming more and more popular in European cultures.

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