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How to Buy the Right Sports Bra

Exercise is an essential component to staying healthy. Don't let being uncomfortable stop you from exercising. Explore the wide variety of sports bras on the market and find one that works for you.


  • Step 1: Read the tag to make sure the bra with wicks away moisture. Moisture around the breasts can cause chafing and discomfort.
  • Step 2: Don't let your breasts spill out of the bra. If any part of your chest looks crushed or squeezes out of the bra, go one size bigger. Don't make a purchase until you know the bra will do the job.
  • FACT: In 2002, Victoria's Secret unveiled the "Red Hot Fantasy" bra and pantie set, which cost $15 million; the bra alone featured over 1,300 stones, including 300 carats of rubies surrounded by sprays of diamonds.
  • TIP: Try the bra on in the store and jump up and down or run in place to make sure the bra does not shift, and that the breasts are not bouncing too much.
  • Step 3: Look for a wide band that runs around the ribs. A wide and comfortable band will keep the bra in place.
  • TIP: Some sports bras for A cup come with light padding.
  • Step 4: Try encapsulation bras for larger breasts. This style bra holds the breasts separately, just like a traditional bra. Women with C cup breasts can go with either compression or encapsulation, but D cups will be more comfortable using an encapsulation bra.
  • Step 5: Find wide straps on a sports bra. The straps should not be elastic or skinny like on a regular bra, but should lay across the shoulder comfortably and not move. Some bras even come with cushioned straps.
  • Step 6: Look for compression style bras for smaller breast sizes--meaning, A or B cups. These types of bras use pressure to push the breasts against the body.

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