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How to Buy Window Treatments for French Doors

Window treatments for your French doors can emphasize their character and beauty. Consider the wide number of options before selecting your style.


  • TIP: Before you paste anything on the French door's windows, make sure you clean the window well. Window films may come unstuck over time, especially if it's pasted to a dirty window.
  • Step 1: Select different treatments for different French doors in different rooms of the home. Add fabric roller shades for a crisp look around the living room, or sheer shades for more subdued light. Use pleated shades in a bedroom.
  • Step 2: Craft window shades by starting them at the ceiling line, so the soft fabric can be raised out of door's way. French doors may be tricky to trim, but the end result will be worth the effort.
  • FACT: According to American Express, in 2010, 85 percent of homeowners planned to spend an average of $6,200 on home improvement.
  • Step 3: Paste on a tinted window film. This helps control light in the room and still permit privacy.
  • Step 4: Try rods for thicker drapes that are hidden under a cornice, which should match the room's molding.
  • TIP: To clear the door knob, you will need a "cut-out" of the window treatment.
  • Step 5: Hang drapes and curtains on rods at the top of the door to cover the whole door. Tie the drapes off during the day to allow natural lighting.
  • Step 6: Choose the Roman shade, for a window-within-a-window look. Create this with an eye-catching border stripe that appears when the shade is unfurled.
  • Step 7: Opt for horizontal blinds on French doors. Do not use vertical blinds, which are too narrow. To keep the doors easy to open or close, hang mini-blinds.

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