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How To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Don’t just pick up a Mother’s Day card and some flowers. Make Mom feel really special this year.


  • Step 1: Ask Mom what she wants to do on Mother’s Day. High tea at an elegant hotel may be your idea of fun, but your mom might prefer coffee and crumb cake at home, where she can relax.
  • Step 2: Whether you are going to see your mother in person or not, write her a letter telling her what she means to you (unless, of course, she used to beat you with wire coat hangers).
  • TIP: Make her a homemade card like you did when you were little. She’ll love it.
  • Step 3: No matter what else you’re doing to mark the day, be sure to give the gift of your time. The most expensive bouquet is not as good as your presence.
  • Step 4: If you can swing it financially, hire a cleaning crew to give mom’s home a good scrubbing. Moms polled said the number one present they’d like for Mother’s Day was a maid! Or clean the house yourself as part of your gift.
  • TIP: Okay, here’s your chance to give her those flowers. They look lovely in a spotless room!
  • Step 5: Fulfill one of her wishes, whether that means cleaning out the garage, making peace with one of your siblings, accompanying her to church, or just finally getting a haircut.
  • TIP: Tuck lottery tickets into her card. As the commercial says, “Hey, you never know.”
  • Step 6: Pamper her by treating her to a spa day, or giving her a mani-pedi yourself. Look online for facial masks you can make. For a really decadent surprise, hire a masseur to go to her home.
  • Step 7: Why limit Mom’s night away from the stove to Mother’s Day? Hire a personal chef to whip up a week’s worth of meals for her freezer, or do it yourself.
  • Step 8: Make Mom a promise—that you’ll call more often, not let more than a set amount of time go by without a visit, start putting a little money into savings, etc. Just make sure it’s a promise you can keep.
  • FACT: In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially established Mother’s Day as the second Sunday in May.

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