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How to Celebrate Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day, held the third Monday of February, honors two of the most famous U.S. presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Here are some ideas to make it more meaningful.


  • Step 1: Read a book by candlelight. This is how Abe Lincoln studied as a boy in Kentucky and Indiana. While you're reading, help yourself to another piece of cherry pie.
  • FACT: Massachusetts celebrates Washington's Birthday in February, and has a separate holiday called Presidents' Day to honor presidents who came from New England.
  • TIP: An e-mail form for the White House is available on the official White House website.
  • Step 2: Write a letter to the president of the United States expressing your views of current affairs.
  • Step 3: Download and read George Washington's Farewell Address, which he gave upon leaving office. In his speech, he warns the country not to break up into strong political parties.
  • Step 4: Bake a cherry pie. According to legend, young George Washington once fessed up to chopping down his father's cherry tree, saying, "I cannot tell a lie."

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