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How to Choose a College Minor

If you have a strong interest in a subject outside your major, consider making it your minor. A minor can be useful on your resume and can boost your skills.


  • Step 1: Look at the coursework for the minor. It may mean staying at the university for more than four years. But an extra semester at school could mean a lifetime of benefits from a well-chosen minor.
  • FACT: As of 2010, Stanford University had the largest contiguous campus in America at 8,180 acres.
  • Step 2: Think about a foreign language minor. It can never hurt to be able to speak to more people!
  • TIP: If you have something that has always interested you but doesn't necessarily go along with your degree, don't be afraid to go for it. You are at college to learn!
  • Step 3: Consider choosing a complement to your major. A minor should enhance your degree so pick something close in nature, such as English to complement a journalism degree.
  • Step 4: Meet with your adviser to discuss which programs are offered at your institution and which would work best for you.

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