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How To Choose a Party School

When you look ahead to college, do you yearn for an Animal House experience? Here's how to make it a reality.


  • Step 1: Once you've narrowed your choices down, join some online college groups to ask current students how much fun their school is.
  • Step 2: Go to the websites of the schools that have made the cut and determine which would enable you to have a good time and get a reasonable education.
  • TIP: If your parents find out you're applying to notorious party schools, lead them to believe that you will live in the university's "dry" dorm.
  • Step 3: Research your schools' most successful graduates, so you'll be equipped to defend your choices. Even the lamest school manages to pop out a self-made billionaire or a Nobel Prize winner every now and again.
  • FACT: According to one survey, the University of Texas at Austin was ranked the #1 party school.
  • TIP: If you're considering a Canadian or foreign school, the drinking age might be 18—in which case, move it to the top!
  • Step 4: Look up the drinking laws in each area that has a party school you are considering, and put those with the strictest regulations at the bottom of your list.
  • Step 5: Search online for lists from the last few years of top party schools and top drinking schools. Check out the bookstore for guides to colleges, some of which are even dedicated just to party schools.
  • Step 6: Ask older siblings, family friends, or recent grads from your high school about their college and what they've heard about other schools.
  • Step 7: Cross off the colleges that you don't have a prayer of getting into.
  • TIP: Just to make sure there are no slipups, search for a list of sober schools and crosscheck your list!
  • Step 8: Do not even consider Brigham Young University. Not only is it a dry school, you can't even get a cup of joe!

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