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How To Choose Accessories For Your Hair

Choosing accessories for your hair requires thoughtful decisions dependent on style, hair color, and personal taste. As the hairstyle will match the event, so will the accessory.


  • TIP: For a more natural look use flowers, ornamental leaves, or colorful feathers.
  • FACT: Far more hair accessories were used in the 1980s than today; almost every style had a hair accessory to make it "unique."
  • Step 1: Know about the event you’ll be attending, and match it to the accessory. For an elegant cocktail party, choose diamonds or crystal. For a birthday party, choose colors!
  • Step 2: Decide on a hair style. If you’re wearing it straight and long, choose something defined and simple. If thick and curly, choose something more ornate.
  • Step 3: Match accessories using a similar style and color scheme to the outfit and shoes you'll be wearing.
  • Step 4: Determine what type of look you want to communicate. Heavy metal speaks loud and commands attention. Slick, light, and modern communicate chic and cool.

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