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How to Choose Binoculars for Sports

Whether you are a spectator at a football game or a surfing contest, you always enjoy the action more if you see it up close. Binoculars can take you closer to the event if you know how to choose the right ones.


  • Step 1: Opt for full-size binoculars over compact ones if you don't mind lugging around the extra weight. At a given magnification, full-size binoculars have wider fields of view and larger objective lenses that will make it easier for you take in all the action. Enjoy the game!
  • FACT: Binoculars with image stabilization use a battery-powered system to steady the image.
  • Step 2: Select binoculars with a large objective lens if you will be viewing sporting events under low light conditions. If you will be using the binoculars on bright days, the objective lens size won't make much difference.
  • Step 3: Opt for a wide field of view. That way you will be able to catch as much of the action as possible. Field of view is much more important than magnification.
  • TIP: A magnification of 7 times is usually sufficient for most sports spectators. 6 times 30 or 8 times 40 binoculars are popular choices for sports binoculars.
  • Step 4: Consider magnification. If the magnification is over 7 times, the binoculars will be adequate for most sporting events. The higher the magnification, the more difficult it will be to maintain a steady image.

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