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How To Choose Colors That Complement Your Eyes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so be the apple of someone's eye by wearing complementary colors.


  • Step 1: Use blues, purples, and gold colors to accent hazel eyes. People with hazel eyes can use a combination of the colors used for brown and green eyed folks.
  • Step 2: Choose mascara colors that work with your eyes to avoid combinations that will detract from them. For blue or green eyes, use brown mascara. For darker eye colors, stick with basic black.
  • FACT: Did you know? Many babies are born with blue eyes because they do not produce melanin in their irises yet.
  • Step 3: Use purple and violet shades to accent green eyes.
  • Step 4: Use blue and teal shades to accent brown eyes, but avoid brown and matte earth tones.
  • Step 5: Choose colors that are opposite your eye color on a color wheel for maximum effect.
  • TIP: Black and charcoal eye shadows work for all eye colors and can be used to create subtle or dramatic results.
  • Step 6: Use brown and gold colors to accent blue eyes. Avoid pink-toned eye makeup that will make the whites look red.
  • Step 7: Look in a mirror and determine the dominant color of your eyes. All eyes have flecks of different colors in them that can be used as a complementary color to the dominant one.

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