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How To Choose Leather Lingerie

Whether it's a sexy-little-something for yourself or a special gift for her, make sure you get leather lingerie that fits like a glove and suits to a tee.


  • Step 1: Find fun leather accessories to complete the look, such as a garter belt, thigh high boots, or even a whip. Whatever you buy, make sure that your new leather style is something you and your partner will enjoy!
  • FACT: One of the earliest appearances of the leather catsuit in popular media was in the 1960s British television show _The Avengers,_ worn by actresses Diana Rigg and Honor Blackman.
  • Step 2: Opt for any number of a wide range of embellishments, including decorative zippers, studs, tassels, buckles, straps, or lace-up details to add a little spice.
  • Step 3: Choose the right color. Black is one of the most popular choices, followed by red or a combination of the two.
  • Step 4: Decide on a style. Women's two-piece outfits are the most versatile and practical and can accommodate different top and bottom sizes. Some pieces can also be worn as outerwear.
  • TIP: Leather isn't cheap. Bras and panties are the least expensive, while a corset, bustier, or catsuit can run several hundred dollars.
  • Step 5: Have all body measurements on hand before buying, especially if you're purchasing online. Leather stretches over time, so order a size as close to the measurements as possible to ensure it fits like a second skin.

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