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How to Choose Puppy Food

Help your puppy grow into a beautiful, healthy, and happy companion by providing a puppy food with the right balance of nutrients as your pet grows.


  • TIP: Avoid excess calcium and phosphorus in puppy foods fed to large breeds to prevent skeletal problems.
  • Step 1: Limit puppy treats to no more than 5 percent of their diet to make sure they're getting their nutritional needs met from a balanced puppy food.
  • Step 2: Never feed your puppy foods harmful to canines including avocados, chocolate, grapes, raisins, potato chips, and baked goods. Just fill their bowl with the good stuff you choose and watch them grow!
  • FACT: In 2009, a Chinese woman paid a record $600,000 for a Tibetan Mastiff, the most expensive dog breed on the planet.
  • Step 3: Match food to the puppy's breed needs, keeping in mind large dogs require more bulk than small breeds.
  • Step 4: Consider providing homemade puppy food only if you can ensure it contains the essential ingredients required by a rapidly growing pup.
  • Step 5: Read puppy food labels and choose a food containing 25 percent protein, a fat content higher than in adult foods, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals.
  • TIP: Avoid giving puppies vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Step 6: Select puppy food approved by the Association of American Feeding Control Officials (AAFCO) to be sure the product meets quality standards and requirements.
  • TIP: Look for the AAFCO approval printed on the puppy food package.
  • Step 7: Feed your puppy solid foods from the age of 3 weeks, choosing wet food for the highest level of nutrition.

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