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How to Clean Berber Carpets

It can be a challenge to keep your carpeting looking clean and fresh. Follow these tips to keep your Berber carpets looking as good as new.


  • TIP: Don't steam clean nylon or wool carpet. The loops in the carpet will absorb the water, making it much more difficult to dry.
  • Step 1: Use towels to absorb spills immediately after they happen. Don't scrub the stain, or it will rub the spill into the carpet. Apply a store-bought carpet stain remover to the area, and let it dry.
  • Step 2: Use entry mats or other rugs to protect your carpet in high-traffic areas. Following these tips will ensure that your Berber carpet stays beautiful for years to come.
  • FACT: Berber-style carpeting originated in Northern Africa, where a tribe named Berber created looped, textured rugs and cloaks made of natural fibers.
  • Step 3: Dry clean nylon or wool Berber carpet using a carpet dry-cleaning machine. Pay careful attention to the instructions that come with the machine.
  • TIP: Rent a cleaning machine, or hire a professional carpet cleaner to deep-clean your carpet on a yearly basis.
  • TIP: Frequently change your vacuum bags or clean the dust container to keep your vacuum running in peak condition.
  • Step 4: Know what type of fabric was used to make your Berber carpet. Most Berber carpet is made of olefin, nylon, or wool.
  • Step 5: Steam clean olefin Berber carpet using a steam-cleaning carpet machine. Follow the instructions on the machine carefully, and avoid walking on the carpet for 24 hours after cleaning.
  • Step 6: Vacuum your Berber carpet frequently before the dirt can settle in. Set your vacuum to the highest suction level and don't use a vacuum with a beater bar or rotating brush attachment, as it might snag the carpet.

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