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How To Come Up With Awesome School Spirit Ideas

Don't let Spirit Week be lame again this year. Come up with some great ideas and Bring It!


  • Step 1: Convince the principal and teachers to help bring on the laughs by wearing costumes, sitting in a dunking booth, or posting their old high school prom pictures on a bulletin board in the hallway.
  • Step 2: Mix tradition with something fresh and fun for maximum spirit. For instance, get the school mascot to perform a dance from a popular music video at your next pep rally. Remember to keep up your enthusiasm and spread your spirit to others.
  • FACT: The last all-male Ivy League university to go co-ed was Columbia University, which began admitting women in 1983.
  • Step 3: Hold a competition for the best costume or most spirited homeroom. A fun competition will get students more involved.
  • TIP: Take photos of spirited students throughout the week to add to a bulletin board.
  • TIP: Stay away from themes that are offensive or insulting. The idea is to get everyone pumped up and having fun.
  • Step 4: Deck the halls with streamers and banners.
  • Step 5: Brainstorm a different theme for each day of the week. Keep them fun and trendy with ideas based on a Hawaiian luau, pirates, or celebrities. Have a pajama day or create a gimmick based on a popular movie.

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