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How To Configure a Firewall Setup on a Windows PC

How to Configure a Firewall Setup on a Windows PC


  • Step 1: Acknowledge all the firewall settings that have been applied by clicking "Accept" and then "OK."
  • Step 2: Verify the new firewall settings by returning to the Control Panel. Then click the Security Center tab. Under Manage Security Settings, click "Windows Firewall." Click the General tab and verify your settings.
  • FACT: The top two subject lines for dot-com spammers are "Hello" and "Hi."
  • TIP: Disable the firewall setting only when you absolutely need to; otherwise it makes your computer vulnerable.
  • Step 3: Enable the "Disable Windows Firewall" mode if the firewall is preventing you from entering a site. Go to Windows Security Center, then go into Manage Security Settings, and click on "Windows Firewall." Click "Off (not recommended)" in the firewall dialog box.
  • Step 4: Click on the Security Center tab and then click "Windows Firewall."
  • Step 5: Click "Firewall on" to enable the firewall setting. Select and click "Don't allow exceptions." Then click "OK."
  • TIP: Never allow exceptions for programs you don't recognize. When you must allow exceptions, remove them as soon as you can continue searching without them.
  • Step 6: From your desktop, click "Start" and "Control Panel."

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