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How to Convert Avi to DVD

Avi multimedia files on your computer cannot be directly burned to a DVD disc without converting them to a compatible DVD file format. Know the pros and cons of conversion software.


  • Step 1: Try Avi to DVD converters like Perian or Roxio Toast that are compatible with the Mac operating system and its Quicktime player.
  • Step 2: Consider using converters available at online services such as, or Sign up for an online account and get ready to convert your files. Soon you'll be able to watch movies from your computer on the big screen.
  • FACT: The original CD was supposed to measure 11.5 centimeters across, but it had to be changed to 12 when Sony insisted that a CD must hold all of Beethoven's 74-minute 9th Symphony.
  • Step 3: Consider using Movie Maker, an authoring program that comes with Windows XP and Vista. Windows Live Movie Maker comes with Windows 7.
  • TIP: DVD authoring programs can convert your Avi files and add extra features. For example, VOB SubJoiner can add subtitle files.
  • Step 4: Know what VOB, or Video Object, is. To be DVD-compatible, Avi files are converted to VOB, a file format that can contain audio, video, and subtitles.
  • Step 5: Know what a DVD, or Digital Video Disc is. A DVD is an optical disc storage format that allows you to export a movie from a PC to watch on a DVD player.
  • Step 6: Evaluate Avi to DVD converters by using trial downloads of DVD authoring software like Adobe Encore, or disc burning software like Nero.
  • Step 7: Know what an Avi, or Audio Video Interleave, is. Avi is a Windows file format that contains audio and/or video streams for synchronized playback.

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