How to Convert Avi to DVD

Avi multimedia files on your computer cannot be directly burned to a DVD disc without converting them to a compatible DVD file format. Know the pros and cons of conversion software.


  • Step 1: Try Avi to DVD converters like Perian or Roxio Toast that are compatible with the Mac operating system and its Quicktime player.
  • Step 2: Consider using converters available at online services such as MediaConverter.com, or Media-Convert.com. Sign up for an online account and get ready to convert your files. Soon you'll be able to watch movies from your computer on the big screen.
  • FACT: The original CD was supposed to measure 11.5 centimeters across, but it had to be changed to 12 when Sony insisted that a CD must hold all of Beethoven's 74-minute 9th Symphony.
  • Step 3: Consider using Movie Maker, an authoring program that comes with Windows XP and Vista. Windows Live Movie Maker comes with Windows 7.
  • TIP: DVD authoring programs can convert your Avi files and add extra features. For example, VOB SubJoiner can add subtitle files.
  • Step 4: Know what VOB, or Video Object, is. To be DVD-compatible, Avi files are converted to VOB, a file format that can contain audio, video, and subtitles.
  • Step 5: Know what a DVD, or Digital Video Disc is. A DVD is an optical disc storage format that allows you to export a movie from a PC to watch on a DVD player.
  • Step 6: Evaluate Avi to DVD converters by using trial downloads of DVD authoring software like Adobe Encore, or disc burning software like Nero.
  • Step 7: Know what an Avi, or Audio Video Interleave, is. Avi is a Windows file format that contains audio and/or video streams for synchronized playback.

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