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How to Convert E-books and Documents to ePub for Your iPad, iPod, or Nook

Eager e-reader? It only takes a few steps to convert your e-books and documents to ePub and enjoy digital literacy on an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Nook.


  • Step 1: Look at the top right corner of the conversion page and make sure the output format is ePub, a format used in e-readers including the iPad, iPod Touch, and Nook. Then, click to convert your e-books and documents to ePub.
  • Step 2: When conversion finishes, right-click on the item and choose "open containing folder" to see its new ePub version. Upload this file to your device, and enjoy your e-books wherever you go.
  • FACT: According to a 2010 report, e-book sales rose 176.6 percent in 2009.
  • TIP: To convert multiple files simultaneously, click the arrow to the right of the icon and choose "bulk convert."
  • Step 3: Locate e-books or document files, including PDFs, you'd like to convert and drag them to the main Calibre window. Right-click on any item to edit its name, author, or other metadata. Then, click the "convert books" icon.
  • TIP: On a Mac, double-click on the DMG file, and drag the Calibre app to your Applications folder to begin using it.
  • Step 4: To use Calibre on a Mac or a PC, open the program and launch setup. Choose a folder to hold the ePub files you create, and select default to use the program with a variety of e-book readers. Continue to the main screen.
  • Step 5: Download and install e-book conversion software on your computer. Consider Calibre, a free program that works with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

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