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How to Convince Your Mom to Buy the Right Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, but this is also a special day for your mom. Help her look and feel her best on your magical day.


  • Step 1: If you love a dress for your mom that she is wavering on, tell her that it makes her look thinner and younger. If that doesn't convince her to buy the right dress, nothing will.
  • FACT: According to Forbes, the most expensive celebrity wedding cost an estimated $3.5 million when Oscar-winner Liza Minnelli wed producer David Gest in 2002.
  • Step 2: Choose a comfortable, yet flattering dress, taking your mom's body type and taste into consideration.Your mom will be wearing the dress for the entire day, so comfort is also an important consideration.
  • TIP: Include your mother-in-law in your planning and shopping, especially if she does not have a daughter to help her select her dress.
  • Step 3: Find some photos on the internet of the types of dresses that you would like your mom to wear. Discuss what she likes and dislikes about your selections.
  • Step 4: Plan a shopping trip with your mom. Try on many dresses in different styles.
  • Step 5: Choose a color scheme for the wedding. Coordinate your mother's dress color with the rest of the wedding palette.

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