How to Convince Your Mother to Let You Get a Facebook Account

Are all your friends on Facebook? Persuade your mother to let you get an account with a little persistence, and these simple tips.


  • Step 1: Assure your mom that you will only accept friends, not acquaintances.
  • Step 2: Promise your mom that you won't post any bad pictures, or any private information.
  • Step 3: Be patient if she doesn't let you have an account right away. Wait a few weeks, and then ask again. Good luck!
  • FACT: In just one year, Facebook membership doubled from around 250 million people in 2009 to 500 million people in July 2010.
  • TIP: Promise her you will never give your username or password to anyone else.
  • Step 4: Tell your mom you will give her your username and password so she can monitor you at any time.
  • Step 5: Explain to your mom why you want a Facebook account. Tell her you can stay in touch with new and old friends and family, and share special moments with pictures and video.
  • Step 6: Assure her that you researched all the safety features of the site. Tell her you will take responsible measures to be safe.
  • TIP: Let her know she can also go to to find answers to common safety questions.
  • Step 7: Stress to her that you will set your privacy setting so only your friends can access your information.
  • : You must be at least 13 years of age to get a Facebook account. If Facebook finds out you are under age, your information will be deleted.

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