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How to Convince Your Mother to Let You Wear Makeup

If Mom can't face the fact that you're ready to put away your dolls and start putting on lip gloss and mascara, try these tactics.


  • Step 1: Be honest about why you want to wear makeup. If you tell her your zits really bother you and make you self-conscious, she might agree to let you wear concealer. Or maybe you just want to play up one feature, like your eyes.
  • Step 2: Be persistent but don't push. If she still says no, bring the subject up again in a few months to see if she's changed her mind. She'll also realize how important it is to you if you haven't given up.
  • FACT: A survey done by the United Kingdom store Superdrug found that women begin regularly buying cosmetics by the age of 16, and will spend $13,000 on makeup during their lifetime.
  • TIP: Ask to wear clear lip gloss or clear mascara that will enhance, not hide, your beauty.
  • Step 3: Negotiate with Mom as to what type of makeup she's comfortable letting you wear.
  • Step 4: Ask her to teach you to put on makeup so you'll be ready when you are allowed to wear it. It'll bring you closer and you might learn some valuable tips.
  • Step 5: Ask if you can practice applying and wearing makeup around the house. She'll get used to seeing you in makeup and might warm up to letting you wear it more often.
  • Step 6: Earn the right to wear makeup like a grown-up by acting like one. Do your homework and chores, and behave responsibly -- Mom will notice.

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