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How to Cook in Your Fireplace

Cooking a meal over an open fire can be an adventurous and delicious alternative to the same old bland and boring stovetop meal.


  • TIP: Try cooking fish on by grilling it on a well-oiled board.
  • Step 1: Expand your fireplace menu with cast-iron pots, skillets, and Dutch ovens. These pots and pans can either hang from a fireplace crane, or can be purchased with long legs that let you put them into the fire. You can use these tools to cook paninis, pies, soups, and stews. Bon appetit!
  • FACT: Lewis and Clark carried a Dutch oven with them on their expedition to explore the West.
  • Step 2: Buy a fireplace grill for grilling the same foods you would grill outside. You can enjoy your favorite summer grill foods during any season. Set the grill over the embers in your fireplace.
  • Step 3: Use a rotisserie spit with a hand crank or a motorized crank to cook your food if you don't want to leave it hanging. A rotisserie allows you to rotate your food to cook it more evenly.
  • Step 4: Screw a hook into the mantel of the fireplace and tie a leg of lamb or a whole chicken to the hook using a heavy duty twine. Use a smaller leg of lamb or chicken to avoid breaking twine or a long cook time.
  • TIP: Wet the twine periodically to keep it from drying out and snapping.
  • Step 5: Marinate your meat ahead of time to keep it from drying out. Baste your roast as it cooks over the fireplace, and turn the meat so that it cooks evenly.
  • Step 6: Build a roaring fire in your fireplace. Burn the logs until you have a base of glowing embers. Your meal will be cooked over the embers.

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