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How to Create a Digital Scrapbook Journal

Digital scrapbooking can be more than a collection of images and odd ephemera. Add text to your digital scrapbook pages in order to create a journal-like narrative.


  • Step 1: Use a wide format printer to print your scrapbook pages on 12-by-12-inch paper if you want to save them to a paper scrapbook.
  • FACT: Mark Twain made $200,000 from all his other books, and $50,000 from his self-pasting scrapbook alone.
  • TIP: Add each line of journal text separately. This will give you greater ability to position the text.
  • Step 2: Download digital scrapbooking templates that work with your image editing software and feature lined mats for entering journal text.
  • Step 3: Use word processing software or paper and a pen to write a first draft of your journal while reviewing the content and order of each digital scrapbook page.
  • TIP: With image editing software, you can choose fonts, sizes and font colors to enter journal text onto scrapbook page images.

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